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NCGS Hosting Girls' School NET Event in Washington, DC

NCGS is hosting a Girls' School NET: Networking & Empowering Together reception in Washington, DC, during the 2017 NCGS Conference, Education Innovation: Building Cultures of Creativity (June 25-27).

June 26, 2017 
6:00 - 7:30 PM
Marriott Wardman Park 

The Girls' School NET is a unique opportunity for NCGS member schools to connect with their alumnae and fellow educators.
For Heads of School, we want to help you maximize your experience during the Education Innovation Conference. Take advantage of being in Washington, DC, to meet with your alumnae living in the area. NCGS has done all the planning -- your advancement office only needs to send an invitation.
For advancement offices, Girls' School NET receptions are ready-made, cost-effective regional alumnae events. Participation fees are based on how many guests attend from your school. We encourage you to invite your alumnae to make three powerful connections in one evening: engage with their alma mater, unite with classmates in their region, and network with local girls' school alumnae -- a worldwide resource of nearly 1,000,000 graduates of NCGS schools.

2017 NCGS Conference Registration Now Closed

Registration is now closed for the 2017 NCGS Conference, Education Innovation: Building Cultures of Creativity, June 25-27 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, DC.

Education Innovation will provide attendees an opportunity to share ideas, make connections, and define -- or perhaps redefine -- what "innovation" means to them and their schools or organizations in the broadest terms possible.
For classroom teachers, it might entail delivering content in a new, more effective way. For administrators, it could result in developing alternative ways for students to master 21st century skills and how to assess those skills. For advancement and admissions, it might include expanding applicant pools or rethinking the use of social media to engage the power of many voices in our communities.

No matter what your role, it means providing girls with opportunities to develop the behaviors, skills, and mindsets that will allow them to dream big, try, fail, reimagine, and try again so they can make their way confidently in the world. It means, in addition to teaching girls about history or science or a second language, educators are also helping them to become courageous, empathetic, creative, and collaborative problem solvers and global citizens.

In short, innovation is about asking, "What's next?"

"Introduction to Girls' Schools" Online Course for New Hires

The online course "Introduction to Girls’ Schools," offered by NCGS and One Schoolhouse, is designed as an orientation to girls' schools for newly hired faculty and administrators. Participants connect and collaborate with each other to explore best practice and research in girls' school classrooms. Learning from a panel of respected school heads, experienced teachers, and new teachers, participants are introduced to community members and leaders from around the country. By the end of the four-week experience, educators have a clear sense of what it means to work in an all-girls school, understand ways teachers can create a classroom atmosphere and curriculum that maximizes how girls learn, and connect to a national cohort of girls' school colleagues.

In order for your new hires to thrive and succeed at their first girls' school, it is valuable to provide them an orientation to the most effective methods for teaching girls. This course provides instructional insight to all faculty and administrators new to girls' schools, be they seasoned educators or new professionals.

Three sessions of "Introduction to Girls' Schools" are being offered:

  • Session I: June 12 - July 7, 2017
  • Session II: July 17 - August 11, 2017
  • Session III: Fall 2017 dates TBD
Click here to register today!

To learn more about why this course is invaluable for your new hires, check out this interview conducted by Brad Rathgeber, Executive Director of One Schoolhouse and NCGS Trustee with Session I instructor Ann V. Klotz, Head of Laurel School and NCGS Trustee.


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