Emma Willard School: Teaching Fellowship (Posted: February 17, 2017)

Emma Willard School, a private boarding/day school for girls, believes that learning is a lifelong prospect, and we rejoice in the input, experience, and potential of faculty of all experience levels. As such, we are proud to continue to offer our successful teaching and learning opportunity for recent college graduates. Our “teaching fellows” contribute to life at our school and earn a Master's degree at the Capital Region Campus of Clarkson Graduate School. This two-year position i...

Emma Willard School: Spanish Teacher (Posted: January 27, 2017)

Emma Willard School believes that a 21st century woman must understand the importance of other cultures and languages and be sensitive to her place in our ever more globalized world. Mastering another language stimulates cognitive development differently than other disciplines and inspires a lifelong love of language and literature. To support this, we are seeking a dynamic and deeply committed Spanish teacher to join our Language Department for the 2017-2018 school year. S/he will teach a tota...

Girl in class