Parents... We're for making good choices.

We know you want the best education for your daughter, whether you’ve already decided on a girls' school or just want to explore your options. Happily, you're an expert on your child and we're experts on schools; together, we can surely find a school that suits her perfectly.

Where to begin
  1. Take a look at our resources page. It includes research studies, surveys, links, and publications that give you more information about girls' schools, as well as compelling data about their effectiveness.
  2. If you already have a list of schools in mind, you’ll want to visit their websites. Also, give them a call to request admissions materials, which might contain additional information or give you a different sense of the school. If you’re still searching for schools in your area, visit our members list.
  3. For objective descriptions, take a look at a Peterson’s Guide about private or Catholic schools.
  4. Talk to a guidance counselor at your daughter’s current school to get their thoughts on your options. You can also hire an independent education consultant who will help match your daughter with the school that’s right for her.
  5. If you think you’ll need help with tuition, speak with a school’s admissions team about the availability of financial aid. (About 35% of girls attending NCGS member boarding schools and 23% of girls attending day schools receive aid.)
  6. Schedule a time for you and your daughter to visit classes or meet alums. There’s no better way to get a sense of how a school operates.
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